StarCraft Fun =)

Sometimes, I just feel like having a little fun. Not a challenge, just plain fun. =) For those of you who don't or have never played StarCraft, you probably won't see the humor in this (maybe... I dunno =). I was playing one day and decided to take my time in killing everyone. I was Protoss in StarCraft:Brood Wars and I took over a Zerg Drone...

Built a bunch of Lairs (7 I think =)...

Built a bunch of Hives (6)...

Zergling time! (After building enough Overlords to "supply" 400 Zerglings =)

I was just growing Zerglings out of the 7 Lairs since the 6 Hives were deep within my Protoss base which made it hard to get the LARGE group out. BTW, I had NO OTHER Zerg units... so I COULD build 400 Zerglings!! =)

To quote Van... "GO MY MINIONS!!!!!" (Note "river of Zerglings" =)

*boom boom*

*bang bang*

Terrans all dead. =)

Fun Fun Fun... =)